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Student Dress Code

Ensure that your child comes to the school neatly dressed and maintains the dress code prescribed to them. The school uniform is obligatory on all school days and at official school functions unless otherwise indicated. Pupils should take special care to keep their uniform clean and smart at all time. Shoes must be clean and neatly polished. Girls and boys should wear the prescribed black/white shoes and the school socks. On monsoon (June & July) students can wear black sandals with black straps as prescribed by the school.

Girls are to have their hair trimmed properly to the shoulder level and wear prescribed hair band. Other fancy hair clips and accessories are not allowed.

Girls are not allowed to colour their hair, grow / varnish their nails nor do any kind of tattooing. Boys must have their hair neatly cut properly from time to time (no fancy cuts).

Girls are to wear bloomers or slips as part of their uniform. Gold and other ornaments are not permitted except a small ear stud for girls.

If any child comes in improper uniform, it will be dealt with a warning and later with disciplinary action. Fines may be enforced in the case of regular defaulters.

On the day that students are permitted to wear casual clothes do ensure that they are suitably attired for school. Dress and department speak volumes for the student and the institution.