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Transport Facilities

The school buses ply in selected routes. Students are to board and alight from the buses at the fixed boarding points. Bus fees are to be paid in advance before 10th of every month. Students who opt for the school bus transportation have to avail the facility throughout the academic year. The tendency of opting for school buses only during the monsoon is not permissible.

The bus charges vary according to the distances. Vehicle charges should be paid in advance for each month. Parents have to make necessary arrangements to hand over and to take back their children at scheduled bus stops. If the school authorities are unable to run the bus, parents have to make their own arrangements to send their children to the school.

The school will not provide alternative transport facilities to students who miss the bus. While waiting for the bus, students should be mindful of good manners and exemplary behaviour.

The Management, Principal and staff will not be held responsible in any way for any accident or mishap that may occur to the student outside school premises while bringing the students to the school or taking them back.

Private Transport

Students who come to the school by private vehicles / auto rickshaws are to enter the school at Gate No. 2. No student passenger vehicle is meant to stop or park near Gate No.1, nor it is permitted for students to alight at the front gate. Over crowding in the autos is a punishable offence and is dangerous. Not more than six students are expected to travel in a student carrier auto. Violation of this rule is a public offence.

Vehicles other than the school transport system will not be allowed to enter the school campus. This is in the interest of the safety of your child.