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Co-Curricular Activities

The school provides the facility for training the students in Visual and Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Art). From standard I onwards, one period is allotted in every week for the same.

The students begin with the basics and when they reach in class X, they are capable enough to perform in their opted art form.

Special training is given for martial art like karate and musical instruments guitar, violin, organ etc yoga and skating provides training for students to develop their body and minimize their stress Students also participate in various competitions in and around the campus like class Literary Meetings, Youth Festivals, Onam Celebrations, Christmas Celebrations, Independence Day Celebrations, Annual Day, Exe. Director’s Birthday/Asst. Exe. Director’s Birthday/Vice Principal’s Birthday and Interschool Cultural Fests like Sahodaya Kalotsav, State Youth Festival and Naipunnya School Kalotsav etc.