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To facilitate our students abilities and to develop their practical knowledge in the field
of technology , we offer fully-equipped science laboratories
and technology rooms, from grade 1 onwards

Newly revamped and commissioned state of the art laboratories in Physics,
Chemistry and Biology enables the young students to ignite their scientific temperament.


The school has three efficient Computer labs with Local Area Network. Each student gets individual terminals hands-on training.
Internet facility is also provided on all terminals. All staff rooms are equipped with multimediasystems
where teachers prepare worksheets and other teaching materials


The best way to lean mathematics is by doing it, using it, feeling it, experiencing and debating it etc. Our school is furnishing
with a well equipped math’s lab.The students can learn and practice the mathematical concepts and its applications
clearly and effectively through the activities provided in the lab.


Our School has a spacious, well equipped and a fully furnished Biology laboratory with all facilities to create innovative skills
in students up to plus two.

The encourages students to learn though first head experiences with latest instrumentals,specious, models ,charts etc .

It can accommodate around 35 students with an adjacent preparation room. Ventilations exhaust fans, entrance and exit doors, fire extinguisher, electrical devises etc. Meet all the safety measures.

Public School


Our school has a well equipped Physics lab that helps the students to increase their affinity towards Physics. It has got all the
modern equipments that fit up to class XII. It consists of an additional room for doing experiments
related to light. It can accommodate up to 35 students. All electrical equipments are earthed
properly and meet all the safety measures. It is the place where students
can fulfill all their needs regarding their academic syllabus.